Claim Data
Claim DataW5 can manage a wealth of detail about a claim and its components. But it really takes only a very few key facts to get a claim started.
Powerful Searching, Quick Lists, Instant Spreadsheets
Powerful Searching, Quick Lists, Instant SpreadsheetsUse Basic Search to find claims by the most commonly searched fields. Use Advanced Search to find claims by anything and everything. If you recorded it, you can find it, list it, print it, label it and turn it into a spreadsheet.
Unlimited Notes
Unlimited NotesAdjuster notes, Administrative notes and instructions, Client notes and instructions.
DocumentsUpload, scan, create from templates, load from email attachments. No matter how you add documents to the claims you can secure them, share them and distribute them.
Document Library
Document LibraryExtending the W5 Document Management capability. the Document Library allows you to catalogue and organize an unlimited collection of read only documents and document templates for secured use by adjusters and clients. Imagine a place for company policies and standard operating procedures, training guides, common forms, client specific handling and reporting instructions, client specific forms, client policy wordings and exclusions.
Document Scanning
Document ScanningScan and build documents from within W5
T+E and Billing
T+E and BillingRecord the activity, bill the activity. When you need to get competitive with imaginative service contract rates W5 gives you flexible rate schedules, comprehensive contract billing, excellent activity tracking and easy management reporting.
Workflow Management
Workflow ManagementW5 can help you navigate even the most complicated claim process.
  Diary and Activity WorkspaceWith task scheduling, automatic reminders, outlook style calendar and team collaboration, W5 helps you stay on time and on top.
  Manage Contract AdjustersWe make it easy for your contract adjusters to create their bill to you just by recording their activity in W5.
Crazy? Not when the activity they record is the same activity that you bill to your clients.
  Reserves and Loss FinancialsWhen you need to do more than suggest a number W5 reserves management gives you reserve and payment tracking and reporting.
Check Writer / Trust Account Sub-ledger
Check Writer / Trust Account Sub-ledgerEnter payment requests, print checks, and adjust Reserves through the W5 Check Writer.
  EmailManage your mailbox. Send emails and they are a part of the claim. Receive emails, the emails and their attachments are easily added to the claims. With so much communicating done through email it just makes sense that it becomes part of the claim documentation.
  Custom Data RecordingSometimes you and your clients have special data recording needs. It could be that you need to produce or export loss reports that have special risk management system or specialized industry coding. The client might have asset codes, or VIN's or sample analysis values or distance values or GPS coordinates or some custom widget codes or custom questionaires. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to handle that.
  Other FeaturesManagement reports, security and international capabilites.
Clients, Adjusters and Other Important Contacts
Clients, Adjusters and Other Important ContactsSetup your client information, the adjusters and contact details, record notes and preferences, diary meetings and marketing activities.
  Technical Base
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