Workflow Management

W5 can help you navigate even the most complicated claim process.

Get there one step at a time.

  • Ensure quality, consistency, efficiency and expediency in the claim handling process by creating a step by step outline by type of claim and/or by client.
  • Acting as an interactive, real-time "handbook" the outline guides your staff through the basic and critical claim processing steps that you and your client feel will achieve the best quality results.
  • As the adjuster and admin staff work the claim through these ouline steps, the claim status and complete action history is automatically recorded and updated.
  • As part of the Activity Workspace this is used by adjusters to keep track of their active claims.
  • The Workflow Monitor is used by supervisors to keep track of the status of active claims allowing them to focus in on claims needing attention. The monitor provides a constant update of new claim assignments.

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