T+E and Billing

Record the activity, bill the activity. When you need to get competitive with imaginative service contract rates W5 gives you flexible rate schedules, comprehensive contract billing, excellent activity tracking and easy management reporting.

W5 helps you turn time into money and payables into receivables, in US$, Euros, Sterling and anywhere else you do business.

  • Record time and expense in multiple currencies with full notes
  • Create unlimited rate schedules and billing contracts to handle straight T+E, flat rate, flat fee, progress billing, gross loss based billing, expense caps, client contract rates, etc.
  • Produce billing previews, draft invoices and live invoices in any currency.
  • Automatically generate contract adjuster "payable" reports, invoices and accounting transmissions based upon vendor rate schedules. The amounts due to the adjuster can be tied to client invoice paid status.
  • Automatically generate accounts receivable transmissions.
  • Reprint, review and cancel invoices at any time.
  • Produce fee splits, production reports and billing analysis.
  • Produce LEDES electronic billing submissions.
  • Integrate with accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Peachtree and Microsoft Great Plains.

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