Other Features

Management reports, security and international capabilites.

And the list continues

  • Build and manage claim handling teams.
  • Secure W5 features and data with user and claim access rights.
  • Manage multiple branch locations including inter-branch claim sharing.
  • Produce reports such as:
    • Claim File lists with filters such as open and/or closed, by client, by examiner/control adjuster, by adjuster, by line of business, by source, by file group, by office, by event, etc.
    • Management analysis and summaries.
    • Work in process.
    • Time and expense logs.
    • Change audits.
    • Diary, to do, and upcoming appointments.
    • Invoice register, fee splits, production analysis.
    • File briefs.
    • Claim fact sheets.
    • Reserve worksheets.
  • Automated currency exchange rate updates
  • LEDES 2k bill submission

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