Document Library

Extending the W5 Document Management capability. the Document Library allows you to catalogue and organize an unlimited collection of read only documents and document templates for secured use by adjusters and clients.

Imagine a place for company policies and standard operating procedures, training guides, common forms, client specific handling and reporting instructions, client specific forms, client policy wordings and exclusions.

Why make endless copies of instructions and forms when you can download them when you need them.

  • Maintain a library of documents for use by internal staff, outside contractors and clients
  • Organize the documents however you need them such as by type, client, etc.
  • Secure documents for use by specific groups of users.
  • Library documents can be attached onto a claim as a new copy or can be attached as a link. A linked document means that there is only one original copy, saving space and ensuring consistent information and instructions across all files on the claim.

Setup a secured document distribution and archive centre by client
  • When you need to produce periodic management reports for your clients.
  • Use the library as an archive for historical reports as well as a distribution centre for new reports and updates.

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