Clients, Adjusters and Other Important Contacts

Setup your client information, the adjusters and contact details, record notes and preferences, diary meetings and marketing activities.

  • Setup your clients recording their business and mailing addresses, contact information, tax ID information, accounting information, billing currency, etc.
  • Identify their adjusters, legal councel and other contacts (name, address, contact information, etc.).
  • Record notes, instructions and preferences regarding the client and each contact.
  • Set meeting and marketing dates that will appear in both the user calendar and the client calendar.
  • Adding them to a case is as simple as picking them from a list.
  • Search for them on files, print mailing labels, report their assignment statistics.
  • Grant them access to use the web based client access portal to give you online referrals, upload documents, download documents, monitor case status and progress, print reports.

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