Claim Handling Mobility and Data Replication

Mobile response claim centers, multiple independent or disconnected branches, highly mobile adjusters. These situations call for a solution that can collect and manage claim data anywhere, anytime without being connected to a central office and yet still share and exchange that data with the central office.

For the cat. operator being able to put a mobile response claim center into the field at a moments notice can be crucial for you and your clients. The claim center can take and process claims from start to finish and still manage to keep both your clients and your central office updated and part of the team. Assignments can be generated right at the claim center (if authorized), from central office, and directly from the client.

For the storm trooper, W5 goes mobile, letting you go into the field, receive and work claims, produce reports, pictures and estimates, and then transmit them to a W5 site (claim center or central office) for review and dispatch to the client.

Mobility and independent operations do not have to impede or prevent collaboration and central reporting. The W5 solution makes this happen automatically using our data replication feature.

  • Tell W5 what gets shared.
  • Tell W5 what the data exchange schedule is and if it is automatic or on demand.
  • W5 manages the rest.
  • W5 audits all changes and additions to claims and documents and whenever the schedule says its time to connect W5 just does it.
  • If W5 can get a connection to the central office it exchanges data otherwise it waits.
  • W5 has automatic retry and recovery to ensure that the data exchange is always safe and correct.
  • You can define alternate and fallback connection paths and protocols.

Information exchange and collaboration on any claim from any W5 location, whether its central, remote or mobile.  

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