Check Writer / Trust Account Sub-ledger

Enter payment requests, print checks, and adjust Reserves through the W5 Check Writer.

The W5 Check Writer is an add-on extension to the reserve and loss financials control component.

  • Adjusters can request payments as either manual checks or batched checks.
  • Payment requests must be covered by existsing reserves or accompanied by reserve adjustment requests.
  • Payment and reserve adjustment requests are queued for approval by one or more supervisor/approving authorities.
  • The requests can be altered and approved or declined.
  • Once approved, the requests are queued for generation.
  • Checks can be generated in batches or for immediate printing.
  • Persons with appropriate authority can generate a check on the spot.
  • Any number of bank (checking) accounts can be set up.
  • Checks can be voided or cancelled.
  • Checks result in reserve adjustment and payment transactions into the reserve system as well as account transactions into the bank account.
  • Checks can be voided, cancelled or cashed.
  • Deposits, bank charges and other non-check transactions ca be recorded.
  • Bank accounts are reconcilled.
  • Print check registers, transaction lists and bank account summaries.
  • Transfer account transaction summaries to accounting applications such as Quickbooks.

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