Powerful Searching, Quick Lists, Instant Spreadsheets

Use Basic Search to find claims by the most commonly searched fields. Use Advanced Search to find claims by anything and everything. If you recorded it, you can find it, list it, print it, label it and turn it into a spreadsheet.

One hundred files or one million files, finding and organizing claim files is easy.

  • Search by dates, codes, names, types of names (ie. insureds, claimants, plaintiff counsel, etc.), policy numbers, claims #'s, note text, financial values, coverage types, clients, client contacts, adjusters, etc.
  • Choose standard data displays or pick the data that you want to list.
  • Change the field display order and how the results are sorted.
  • Build groups and group totals.
  • Save your searches for re-use.
  • Review, scan and print the results.
  • Use all or selected results to print file briefs, fact sheets, mailing labels, folder labels.
  • Export and email the results as Excel spreadsheets.

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