Claim Data

W5 can manage a wealth of detail about a claim and its components. But it takes only a claimant or insured name and client contact to get a claim started.

Basic Claim Data

  • Automatic and manual file numbering
  • Client claim number and client contact details. In the case of subscription policies all clients, client contacts, exposure and billing ratio's.
  • Claimant(s) information (name, address, contact details, alternate mailing address. etc.)
  • Insured(s) information (name, address, contact details, alternate mailing address. etc.)
  • Other parties name, address, contact details. This includes parties such as Witness, Defending Counsel, Opposing Counsel, Doctor, Expert and any other type you want.
  • Basic policy and coverage information.
  • Description, location and date/time of loss.
  • Other details such as date reported, received, billed, closed, reopened, next report date, type of loss, line of business, etc.
  • Automatic tracking and cross-reference of files on the same claim#.
  • Automatic change audit tracking.

Verify and Re-use information
  • Instant "conflict/recurring claim" search for other claims made or possible duplication.
  • Claimant/Insured/other party information - If they've been recorded on any prior claim you can recall their information at the touch of a button - save typing, save time, reduce errors.

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