W5 Claim Management Software: Catastrophe Adjuster
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Our never ending quest is to provide the Claims Management tools you need for maximizing productivity, client satisfaction and profitability.

Taking the distinctly different approach of developing both smart client technology and web based mobility, W5 has evolved into a claims workforce "power toolkit" that offers the most advanced, scalable and easy to use claims handling software.

W5 features easy to use claim assignment, data recording and status tracking with built-in secured document management so you can generate letters, forms and reports as well as scan, e-mail and upload from anywhere.

Note taking is a breeze with unlimited notes, spell-checking, common phrase shortcuts, cut/copy and paste. Activity recording is quick and easy either on the fly or in a batch and notes can flow naturally from the activity record.

With our flexible and comprehensive rate structuring and billing rules you can handle an almost unlimited range of billing needs from straightfoward T+E to multi-level loss value based.

With our Reserves Management features you can provide your clients with accurate, comprehensive and fully audited loss financial control and reporting.

With W5 you can be live and online anytime, anywhere over the web.

Give your clients instant access to reports, documents and claims in a user friendly browser based environment for review and online collaboration.

Diary, Workflow, Quality Assurance and more. All that and still simple to use. We built W5 to help you do what you do best to get the job done right the first time, on time.

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